Police horses kick off National Equine Survey

Horse, pony and donkey owners are being urged to take part in a national survey on equine health, which aims to help prevent illnesses and disease. 


Pet charity Blue Cross has joined forces with the Police Mounted Branch to encourage owners to take part in the charity’s National Equine Health Survey (NEHS).


Helping to launch the survey, the Metropolitan Police Mounted Branch based in Hyde Park lined up to take part. The inspection involves checking teeth, hoove and eye, in addition to taking other vital statistics.

Blue Cross educational officer, Gemma Taylor,  said: “These majestic police horses have taken part in our survey and we hope that they will encourage others to follow suit and be ambassadors for horse welfare.”

According to the Blue Cross, the inspections and surveys help prevent illness and disease by providing insight into the general health of the UK’s equine population.  

All results from the NEHS will be used to prioritise further research to help the UK’s equine industry become healthier in future years.

The British Horse Society, British Equine Federation, British Show jumping and Countrywide farmers are a few the equine associations that support the survey.

Olympic Champion and international rider, Mary King, said: “NEHS is the only survey of its type and provides crucial information about the common, endemic diseases all horses face. The results are valuable in helping to establish benchmarks for equine health and priorities for future research, training and education.” 

The survey takes place between 22-29 May 2017. More details here: http://www.bluecross.org.uk/NEHS


Main image: Blue Cross