Badgers in the news – a daily roundup

We've summarised the latest stories and comments from across the media, regarding the government's plans to cull the badger population within the South-West of England in order to stop the spread of Bovine TB. 


Online Meat Trades Journal, 24th October 2012:
The RSPCA and the National Farmer’s Union continue to argue over the ethics and scientific authentication
This Is Somerset, 24th October 2012:
Devon farmer claims badgers may not be to blame for outbreak of Bovine TB
Shropshire Star, 24th October 2012:
NFU president calls delay announcement “responsible and right”
This Is Somerset, 24th October 2012:
Ian Liddell-Grainger MP calls coalition “pathetic” over cull delay decision
This Is Cornwall, 24th October 2012:
Badger cull delay continues to cause rift between farmers and protesters
Farming UK, 24th October 2012:
Analysis of cull assessment results may not have taken certain factors into account
The Independent, 23rd October 2012:
An analysis of the political background to the recent announcement that the cull willl be delayed. 
The Guardian, 23rd October 2012:
Owen Paterson blames weather, Olympics and legal issues for badger cull delays