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Naturalist, presenter and writer

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Mike Dilger has been an obsessive naturalist since childhood, equally at home either on his hands and knees identifying wild flowers in the British countryside, or surveying the Amazon for hummingbirds. With degrees in Botany and Ecology, Mike’s obsession with the tropics began when studying moths in the South American Andes. This then led to over five years carrying out research work in the tropical forests of Ecuador, Vietnam, Tanzania and Peru. Finally emerging out of the bush and returning back to Britain to find a job in television, Mike is probably best known for over 450 appearances as the ‘wild man’ on BBC’s The One Show, which sees him regularly pontificating on everything from bumblebees to basking sharks. Since the start of 2018, he has been writing a regular feature in BBC Wildlife magazine on where and how to watch wildlife in the UK.

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