Matt Baker on family fitness and the perfect scrambled eggs

Why not swap chocolate eggs for natural eggs this Spring? Matt Baker encourages family fitness and is enthusiastic to get more families involved.

Published: April 4th, 2017 at 9:55 am


I have just discovered the best way to make scrambled eggs. First, whisk a spoonful of water into every egg you’re cooking. Then, with a little rapeseed oil in the frying pan, tip in your whisked-eggs-and-water mix. Add a bit of salt and let the egg cook slowly (more like an omelette).
It helps if you’re rearing your own eggs, but for me, it’s the best breakfast or supper to have if I’m getting back on the fitness train for spring.

This morning I made a double helping. As I write this, it’s the weekend and my daughter and I will be going out for a run. It’s something we’ve done for a while now and it’s become a way to spend real quality time together. Family fitness is inspiring fun and something I highly recommend to every parent. Hopefully this should get you started…

The most important thing to do when starting out (I’m mainly talking to the over 30s here!) is to respect the fact that, if you haven’t been exercising for a while, your body will be in shock. So make sure you ease into any run gently. I’m not going to give you the line ‘remember to warm up’ here, I’m simply saying that if you don’t, you’ll have to stop your regime pretty quickly as you won’t know what you’re capable of doing and will probably get injured. Trust me, I’m speaking from experience!


Don’t bother wearing headphones. It’s all about fun conversation and the sound of nature. To me, that’s the point of outdoor exercise – it’s an awakening of your senses. You’ll be amazed at what you hear, what follows you and how aware you become of the pace of the nature that you’re travelling through.

Something else that is perfect for the new running family is to react to your environment and explore it as you travel. Don’t be wedded to a fixed pace or distance – stop off to investigate something as opposed to just running past it.
Use running as a means of getting to the next interesting place. This is brilliant if you’re running as a family, as the rests become exciting, plus your body responds better if you alter your run as it tries to adapt to an ever-changing pace.

With childhood obesity levels at a record high, there has never been more incentive to get fit as a family. If you’re a parent and you struggle for personal motivation to get fit, use your children and their health as your reason. Put time aside this spring to get out there together, get muddy, get fit and get exploring. And if running’s not your thing, dig out the foot pump and get on your bikes!


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Matt Baker is a British television presenter – when not on television, he spends his time outdoors.


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