Julia Bradbury’s favourite days out with Countryfile

Julia Bradbury has announced that she has decided to leave Countryfile for pastures new. We've gathered some of her favourite and most memorable moments on the show, in the Countryfile presenter's own words: 

Gloucestershire floods

Julia Bradbury has announced that she’s leaving Countryfile for pastures new. We’ve gathered some of the Countryfile presenter’s favourite and most memorable moments on the show, in her own words: 
Julia Bradbury relaxes at ‘poppyland’, one of the first seaside resorts to hit the big time – and now the crab capital of England.
Julia Bradbury discovers the perfect example of an English stately home, which has been in the same family for 300 years.
Julia Bradbury sees conservation in action in this beautiful valley, home to one of our rarest native butterflies.
Follow a gentle water route through the beautiful landscape at the centre of England, with Julia Bradbury.
Rediscover the vision of Britain’s most famous landscape artist – a once-lost garden that’s set to flourish, with Julia Bradbury.
Julia Bradbury heads through the uplands of Shropshire in the company of walkers seeking romance.
Julia Bradbury discovers the delights of the world-famous race meeting that’s fit for royalty.
Julia Bradbury goes in search of bluebells and coastal critters, and experiences a bit of luxury camping
They may be iconic, but you’ll never regret visiting the ancient stones of Stonehenge – one of Julia Bradbury’s favourites.
Julia gets up close and personal – a little too much so – to find out about a new, natural style of beekeeping.
Julia Bradbury heads to Dorset for a bracing walk along the seafront of one of our most handsome seaside towns.
Julia has a passion for classic British produce – but can she be persuaded to embrace eating snails?
Julia Bradbury finds that you don’t need to go all the way to Lapland to find a herd of reindeer – they call Scotland home, too


Images ©Oliver Edwards/Countryfile Magazine