8 facts for aspiring Munro baggers

Scotland’s spectacular Munros offer challenging, but rewarding climbs in some of Britain's wildest and remote landscape, So if you fancy yourself as a Munro-bagger, here's 8 facts you need to know.

Published: February 5th, 2016 at 12:07 pm


1. Munros are named after Sir Hugh Munro, who published Munros Tables, listing Scotland’s highest peaks in 1891. Sadly, Sir Hugh never managed to climb all the mountains on his list as he died during the First World War.

2. The minimum height required for a mountain to qualify as a Munro is 3,000ft (914.4m)

3. The official number of Munros, set in 2012 is 282 Munros.

4. But, there are also 227 further subsidiary tops, which is the number of high points deemed part of other mountains.

5. The height of the tallest Munro, Ben Nevis is 4,409ft (1,344m). Ben Nevis is part of the 'Three Peaks Challenge', which involves climbing the three highest peaks in England, Wales and Scotland.

Hikers tackle the 'Tourist route' up Ben Nevis. Photo credit: iStock/Peter Burnett

6. Reverend AE Robertson claims to be the first to complete a round of Munros in 1901. Some discount the claim and regard Reverend Ronald Burn (1923) as the first.

7. Mrs J Hirst becomes the 10th Munroist, and the first woman to complete a round in 1947.


8. 5,669 people had climbed all Munros by December 2014, according to the Scottish Mountaineering Club.


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