How to beat hay fever

Summer is a great time to get outside and really take on nature; sufferers of hay fever should not be excluded from that. Far from staying inside with all the windows and doors locked and bolted, here are some handy hints that may help this summer, from Hannah Rose

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1. Desensitise yourself.
Honey contains pollen, but not the sort that’s going to irritate you, instead it will simply desensitise you to the more irritating kind. It’s recommended you take two to three tablespoons and consumed 2 to 3 months before hay fever season for best results.


2. Try camomile tea
Camomile tea has great powers against hayfever – it’s an antioxidant, antihistamine and an anti inflammatory. Drink a cup daily and use as a compress by submerging the tea bag in water for three minutes, squeezing out excess water, refrigerating till cold and applying to inflamed eyes for five minutes. 

3. Create a barrier.
Rub a little bit of Vaseline on the inside of your lower nostril and onto your eyelashes to help prevent pollen getting into your system. 

4. Wear shades
Wraparound sunglasses will create a physical barrier between your itchy eyes and pollen. 

5. Head to the seaside
Pollen is always blown inland so the best place for suffers to be is by the sea. The best excuse for a holiday!

6. Wash at the end of the day
Take a shower at the end of your day to wash off any of the pollens that may have travelled with you. It’ll ensure you get an easier night sleep as they won’t be transferred to your bed.


7. Drive happy.
Get a pollen filter fitted to your car’s AC system – even on hot days you can stay cool and still go on adventures.