Landmark of the Year 2017

The five choices below have been nominated by Dame Fiona Reynolds, master of Emmanuel College, former National Trust director and author of The Fight for Beauty.


These were the five nominations for BBC Countryfile Magazine Awards Landmark of the Year 2017 category


1) Conwy Falls, Snowdonia 

Having visited every waterfall in Snowdonia as a child when it was too wet to be dragged up mountains, it’s the Conwy Falls and the Fairy Glen I remember as the most magical of all. Drenched with spray hovering in the air, sunbeams and shadows dancing around, these forces of nature are irresistible and irreplaceable.

2) The Howgill Fells, Cumbria

Caught between the Lakes and the Dales, these beautiful, velvety, hump-backed hills are seen more often from the M6 motorway than from within. At last they have been recognised as being of supreme landscape quality and have been added to the Yorkshire Dales National Park. Enjoy them for their solitude and majesty.

3) The White Cliffs of Dover, Kent

These iconic cliffs represent, for many, the essence of England. Never mind Dame Vera Lynn’s ‘bluebirds over’; the sight of the cliffs stirs all our hearts. Yet recent research shows they are eroding faster than thought: losses have accelerated from 2-6cm/year to 22-32cm/year in the last century and a half.

4) The Lake District, Cumbria

The birthplace of the conservation movement, the Lake District is up for consideration as a World Heritage Site, breaking new ground as it establishes the value of cultural landscapes internationally.

5) Lundy, Devon 


This small island with its flat top and jagged cliffs offers visitors a magical mystery tour. Above ground are stupendous views, a unique atmosphere and fascinating history; below water, one of our most wildlife-rich sea coasts in the UK led to the establishment of the first British marine nature reserve.