Submitting ideas to BBC Countryfile Magazine


Sending in ideas for Countryfile Magazine

If you have an idea for a story that is interesting, entertaining and never previously covered by Countryfile Magazine, email your ideas to features editor Joe Pontin, or write to Joe at the address below. Read the full guidelines on submitting ideas here. 


Before your send in your idea, take time to familiarise yourself with the tone and content of the magazine. Bear in mind the following questions

1.    Where would your article fit within Countryfile Magazine?
2.    What is its unique angle – why should we publish it?
3.    Why are you qualified to write on this subject?
4.    How would you illustrate your article (photos etc)?

Please DO NOT send a complete manuscript if we have not asked you to – we prefer to commission features so that they fit our tone, style and wordcounts and do not have time to rewrite or edit unsolicited articles.  

Please bear in mind that we receive a huge volume of submissions and cannot always reply quickly. But we will do our best to let you know whether we can publish your idea or not.

Do tell us if the article has ever appeared elsewhere, or if you plan to submit your idea to other publications.


By mail
Countryfile Magazine
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