How would leaving benefit farmers?

After we leave the EU, we can take back control of farming policy and laws, making them more responsive to UK needs.


Brussels would no longer be able to fine the UK in general - and farmers in particular - for failing to comply with burdensome EU rules. Currently the UK pays £5.5 billion into the CAP but only gets £2.9 billion back, so a vote to leave would still leave sufficient funds to support farming.

How would leaving help the protection of wildlife?

Complying with tough EU rules results in many millions being spent on consultants and leaves less money to be spent on actual conservation projects. Trees from nurseries in Europe have brought in ash dieback and 'single market' rules mean we struggle to ban their import.

How would leaving help to keep our environment clean and improve the quality of our air and water?

Leaving would enable us to make more efficient and targeted environmental regulations, with less wasteful expenditure. Environmental problems are best tackled at the global, not European level. Recent announcements and new faces at the European Commission suggest that are shifting focus away from environmental protection.

How would leaving affect the generation of renewable and low carbon technology?

The UK is a leader in this field. We send £350 million a week to the EU, and after we leave we can spend some of this money on priorities such as low carbon energy.


Why should someone who cares about the British Countryside back your side?

Voting to leave would give us the power to control our own affairs. For farming, fishing, wildlife and the green economy: this is the safer choice.

What do you think - is Britain's countryside better in or out of the EU? Have a read of the other side of the argument.