Best marine life websites

A collection of some of the best marine life websites

Published: October 6th, 2011 at 4:10 pm


British Divers Marine Life Rescue is a website dedicated to the safety of the marine life around the UK. As well as providing a help hotline it also has information on the marine mammals in our waters and how we can get the best sightings of them.

This website offers specific information on dolphins. You can get involved in supporting the team with their campaign to save the dolphins, as well as news stories featuring dolphins.

The charitable aims of the Marine Biological Association (MBA) are: 'to promote scientific research into all aspects of life in the sea, including the environment on which it depends, and to disseminate to the public the knowledge gained.'

ORCA is one of Europe’s leading whale & dolphin conservation charities.
Did you know that at least 23 species of whales, dolphins & porpoises have been recorded in UK waters? Visit the website to find out more facts about ORCA and what they do.

The Sea Trust are an off-shoot of the Wildlife Trust, they offer advice on where to find the sea life and a history on the specie featured. There are also links to marine focused events around the country that might interest you.

This website has links to training courses, volunteer opportunities, research projects, education, training and a range of photos of fins to help you identify a sighting. They work in close contact with the public to conserve and research our seas.

For a website that includes a little more technical detail and research, University Marine Biological Station Millport is worth having a look at.


For information on rescued seals, other sea mammals, and the people who work to save them, visit the seal sanctuary. They also have seal sanctuaries that are available to visit in person, or you can donate money via their website.


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