E is for Exercise: mindfulness in nature

Regular exercise improves physical and mental wellbeing – we explore how

Published: March 24th, 2019 at 12:26 pm
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How can exercise improve your physical and mental health?

Regular exercise to improve physical health is a given. But taking regular walks to improve mental health is not so embedded.


The simple act of placing one foot after another creates a rhythm with your breathing that relaxes your mind, helping you to cope with stress, solve problems and even plan magazines!

Exercise art
E is for Exercise ©Lynn Hatzius
If you walk regularly, you are likely to use roughly the same route. Try to notice the differences each time you walk – the changing seasons, new species of flower, insect or bird, a quirky vignette of life.
Summertime in the countryside. Silhouettes of the family with dog on the trip at the sunset.
Regular short walks will help improve your physical and mental wellbeing ©Getty

A regular walk will build your fitness, give space to your mind and sharpen your observation skills.

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