Essential items to pack for kids

Kids love going on adventures, but keeping them warm and entertained can make all the difference to their - and your - experience. Here's some essential items to take on outdoor trips. 


1. Waterproof/windproof shell – Obvious but essential. Bring waterproof over-trousers as well.


2.  Warm hat/gloves – Little bodies will feel the cold fast if the weather turns chilly and blustery on the hills. 

3. Leggings and long-sleeved tops – There are ticks present in the forests around Aviemore.

4. Torch – You’ll obviously need a headtorch or similar, so unless you want it commandeered by a five-year-old, make sure they have a small torch, too.

5. Monocular or small pair of binoculars – These will be hugely popular and instantly appropriated. Field guide For wildlife, birds, butterflies. 

6. Favourite teddy or doll – Ideally with an agreed limit to how bulky this can be (guess who’ll end up carrying it?). 

Main image credit: © Rudolf Abraham


Kit image: Steve Sayers