Five days to the weekend: Alderley Edge

Steeped in old myths and legends Alderely Edge situated in the beautiful Cheshire countryside is a perfect place for a country retreat. Explore the mystical woods, munch on some local produce or treat yourself to a weekend of luxury.

Area of Alderley, England. View from Stormy Point looking east across the Cheshire plain towards the Peak District National Park.

Go: Alderley Edge


Alderley Edge is a postcard-perfect town situated in the Cheshire countryside. Positioned to the northwest of Macclesfield, and twelve miles to the south of Manchester it nestles along the red sandstone ridge that protrudes from the Cheshire plains. Close to national trust woodland and steeped in olds myths and legends, it’s a great place to explore.

Take a hike through the legend- filled woods that inspired Alan Garner’s children’s novel ‘The Weirdstone of Brisingamen’ to Stormy point, a perfect place to view the spectacular countryside. On a clear day you can see as far as the hills of Derbyshire and Yorkshire. The area has a long history of mining back to the Romans, and through the woodlands you can pass Engine Vein, a fault in the rock excavated by Bronze Age minors for its mass of copper and other minerals.

Back in the town why not take a stroll and sample some of the quality bars and restaurants, which have earned the town its ‘Champagne capital of Britain’ reputation. Mixed among the fine dining you will also find a flurry of traditional butchers and bakers, a speciality cheese shop and monthly farmer’s market.

Alderely edge offers a range of suites at The Wizard’s Thatch, a beautifully presented five- star thatched cottage dating back to the 18th century.
Or, for a true country house welcome, snatch a few nights at Alderley Edge Hotel, an Elizabethan-Gothic style 1850’s Mansion, stood on wooded slopes it holds fantastic views over the village.

Stop for some delicious pub grub at The Merlin. Decked out with stone fired ovens, log burning hearths and deep leather seating. It’s the perfect place to rest after exploring the wondrous Wizards Walk.

Alternatively, munch on some local produce at one of Cheshire’s most attractive inn’s, The Roebuck, or treat yourself to dinner at The Alderley Restaurant, known for its exceptional cuisine and panoramic views over the Cheshire Plains.


Did you know?
Some legends claim that King Arthur and his army are lying asleep in a cave beneath the sandstone cliffs, in wait for the day when they shall once again have to rise to defend England.