Whether you’re heading to the beach for a solo trip or you have a large family gathering planned, it’s always a good idea to pack a game or two so you can make the most of your time in the sun.


So if you’d like to gather up the gang for a game of rounders, have a kickabout in the water, or take to the skies with a colourful kite there’s plenty of fun to be had with our pick of the best games to take to the beach, with sustainability and practicality kept in mind.

Best beach games

Green Toys Sand Play Set

When it comes to playing around in the sand, nothing beats a classic bucket and spade, and green toys have produced an environmentally friendly option for you and your family.

Each of the items in this four-piece beach kit have been made using recycled plastic, which they promise is safe and non-toxic.

The bucket has a 100% cotton handle for added convenience and the selection also includes a rake for digging into the ground and making patterns on the beach, as well as a sand-castle mould so you can create a sandy city.

Recreational Petanque Boules

If you’re feeling competitive you could opt for a game of boules, perfect for the beach as they'll stay put in the soft ground.

Up to four players can join in, with the sets of metal balls marked with colourful stripes so you can tell who is on which team, and will also vitally stop you losing them in the sand altogether.

This set even comes with a handy bag so you can easily pack them away when you're all wrapped up and ready to celebrate your victory.

Kidly Frisbee

Especially fun on windy days when the coastal breeze kicks in, this frisbee from Kidly is not only fun for the family, it's eco-friendly.

Made from 100% recycled milk cartons and free of BPA and PVC, you can enjoy throwing this ecosaucer knowing you're not contributing to anything being thrown in the landfill.

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Jaques of London Rounders Set

Handmade from solid wood, this rounders set from Jaques of London has everything you need to gather the family and start a game.

There are four wooden posts, which can be used to create your bases, letting you decide if you want a quiet intimate game or to really spread the spaces out.

There is of course the bat itself, which is made from wood with a patented rubber handle so you can ensure a good grip and a solid hit.

The ball has also been made oversized so even the littles ones can see it coming and make a good connection to score a home run.

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Waboba Rewild Eco-Friendly Football

Have a relaxed kick around the sand, safe in the knowledge you’re doing your bit for the environment, with this eco-friendly football from Waboba.

This ball is 9 inches wide and has been made using naturally sustainable jute fibres, making it the perfect eco-conscious game to bring on your next beach outing.

Aerobie Orbiter Boomerang

While most games require multiple members, this is one you can play alone if you find yourself on a solo beach trip.

Throw this Aerobie Orbiter boomerang high into the air and it should come swinging around right back to you, up to a distance of 28 metres.

Just be mindful that throwing this anywhere with winds stronger than 6mph can send it flying off in unpredictable directions, so be extra aware of your surroundings.

Jazzminton Paddle Game

Play a form of badminton without the hassle of setting up a net, with this Jazzminton game.

It comes with two paddles so you and a friend can hit a target back and forth, with four birdies in the set that can be swapped out whether you want to play a fast and competitive game with the speedy shuttles or slow it down with a casual and relaxed game.

Designed for players of all skill levels, the paddles have also been made with a ribbed grip to make it as easy as possible to get into the flow of the game.

Waboba Extreme Water Bouncing Ball

The beach games don’t have to stop when you take a dip in the water, thanks to this bouncing ball from Waboba.

Due to its lightweight design, this ball can bounce and skim on the surface of the water, and because of its texture should still be easy to catch even when it's soaking wet.

Available in a range of colours that include purple grunge, chevron and even 90s theme art, there's little risk of you losing track of this item thanks to its vivid design.

Sustainable Beach Kite

Take to the skies with this sustainable kite from eco beach. Designed to be especially easy to fly whether you're a kit connoisseur or just learning to catch the wind, they also feature bright and colourful designs that will stand out from afar.

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Easy to put together, they're also environmentally friendly, made from 100% recycled ripstop fabric with a plywood handle and 30 metres of cotton string so you can watch it take flight at a serious height.


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