Walking as a family is a great way to build relationships, develop character and connect with nature. But walking with children doesn't always go smoothly and what starts out as an enjoyable day on the trail can quickly turn to kids losing interest and wanting to go home.


There are lots of tips and tricks for making walking with children easy. One of the best ways to keep kids happy on the path is to introduce some simple games that keep them entertained whilst walking. Here, we take a look at six of the best ways to keep your children happy in the outdoors.

Family walk in nature
Searching for nature on a family walk/Credit: Getty

Things to do on a walk with kids

1. Play Pooh sticks

Simply throw sticks or twigs over a bridge at the same time, run to the other side and wait to see whose stick comes out first.

Children playing on a bridge
Pooh Sticks: an old favourite that'll keep kids happy on river walks/Credit: Getty

2. Colour spotting

Each family member picks a colour, then, as you walk, see if you can spot this colour – how many times can you see it in animals and plants?

Family walking
Each member of the family picks a colour - then tries and spot it on the walk/Credit: Getty

3. Seasonal scavenger hunt

Create a list of 10 natural items to hunt for on your next walk, such as a yellow flower, a feather, a catkin. Find scavenger hunt charts online or make your own.

Young explorers
You children will love hunting for natural treasures/Credit: Getty

4. Let the kids lead the way

Be flexible and let your children decide which direction to turn at each junction. They’ll choose the way that intrigues them the most, keeping interest levels up.

family walking
Get the kids involved with map reading/Credit: Getty

5. Take pictures

Kids love taking photos. Set a challenge or just let their creativity run free.

Young girl taking a picture of a dandelion in the woods with her smart phone.
Taking photos adds another dimension to a family walk/Credit: Getty

6. Fairy-tale telling

Make up a fairy tale. Take turns to add to the story, using details around you.

Family in nature
Storytelling as you walk can keep kids interested in their surroundings/Credit: Getty