Top 10 snow-sledging hills

Just in case the weather necessitates the sacrifice of our tea trays, here are a few of the nation’s favourite snow-sledging hills. 

  1. The reservoir at Osmotherley in Yorkshire has a long, steep slope – one of the key factors for a good sledge.
  2. Darley Park, Derby, with a long sloping hill – the climb might be long, but the ensuing lengthy sledge is worth it!  
  3. The Great Knoll not only sounds the part but delivers a good speedy sledge with its steep bank. Find the Great Knoll just off Foxwood Lane in York.
  4. Mickey’s Bank in Nottingham is a steep hill with a hawthorne hedge at the bottom to cushion your finish.
  5. The Stiperstones in Shropshire is a local beauty spot with a good choice of slopes to privately commandeer. 
  6. North Londoners flock to Primrose Hill when the snow descends. This location offers long slopes as well as the chance to do a bit of celebrity spotting. 
  7. South Londoners, however, opt for the accommodating Lofty Brockwell Park with a good wide starting base and speedy dip. 
  8. Holyrood Park in Edinburgh has something for everyone – gentle and sloping, fast and long, short and steep.
  9. Wales’ Storey Arms in the Brecon Beacons is also a good all-rounder, with beginner slopes and steeper slopes nearer the peak that might make you feel you’re living on the sledge.
  10. Ashton Court Estate in Bristol is popular for facilitating a good sledge, and the deer herd that live here add to the festive feel.

Then again, should the weather disappoint, there’s always the chance to go dog sledding at Croft Farm, Tewkesbury!