H is for Hammock: mindfulness in nature

Sit back, relax and enjoy the world around you – time alone in a hammock beneath the trees can help you to be more present, in turn improving physical and mental wellbeing  


How can lying in a hammock improve your physical and mental wellbeing?

Once you’ve mastered the skill of getting into a hammock – sit in the middle, find your centre of balance, hold the edges and carefully swing your legs over the side and into the material – a world of relaxation awaits.


Simply lie back and allow your mind to wander as you look at the cloud formations in the sky and listen to the sounds of nature.

H is for Hammock ©Lynn Hatzius

Let the soothing sway of the hammock lull you into a blissful state of calm – and don’t be surprised if you find you soon doze off.