X is for Xmas: mindfulness in nature

Tips for how to be mindful in nature, in turn improving physical and mental wellbeing

Winter dog walk
Published: November 27th, 2019 at 12:00 pm
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Present-wrapping, potato-peeling, dishwashing, in-law entertaining, turkey-basting, charade-playing, pudding-preparing, wine-mulling... Christmas can be hectic.


For some, this festive frenzy adds to the charm, but there is often little time to pause and absorb the moments that make the day special.

Mindful Christmas
X is for Xmas: Mindfulness in Nature ©Lynn Hetzius

This year, why not make it a mindful Christmas? Allow yourself a short period of solitude and silence at the start of the day, practise mindful eating and escape the cabin fever with a winter walk.

Christmas turkey recipe (Photo by: Viktoria Agureeva via Getty Images)

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