Q is for Quiet: mindfulness in nature

Being quiet in nature can help you be more present, in turn improving physical and mental wellbeing

Quiet can improve mindfulness
Published: May 7th, 2019 at 3:48 pm
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From the distant hum of traffic, the low roar of an aeroplane to the ring of your morning alarm clock, modern life is hard to avoid.


No surprise that many of us long for peace and quiet at the end of a busy week.

Being quiet can help you be more mindful
Being quiet can help you be more mindful ©Lynn Hatzius

Quiet is to be cherished, as silence has been found to boost creativity and concentration, lower blood pressure and aid sleep; quiet time in nature has been found to be particularly beneficial to wellbeing.


Next time you walk in the countryside, fall silent and stop what you’re doing. Tune in to the sounds of wildlife; listen for things you may have missed had you been deep in conversation.


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