V is for View: mindfulness in nature

How getting outside and exploring beautiful views can help improve physical and mental wellbeing

Autumn mountain view
Published: September 20th, 2019 at 3:48 pm
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How can seeking new and beautiful views in nature can improve your physical and mental health?

There’s nothing like gaining a little perspective to help clear a crowded mind. Taking this advice literally can be just as powerful as the metaphorical counterpart.


Reaching a high vista – be it by foot, bike or car – offers the opportunity to see all that lies before you; distant villages with stretched-out steeples, snaking country lanes and broccoli-head copses.

V is for View: Mindfulness in Nature
V is for View: Mindfulness in Nature ©Lynn Hetzius

Hills texture the horizon and, above them, a roof of pearl-white clouds.

Mindfulness in nature - V is for View
V is for View: Mindfulness in nature (Getty Images)

Such vastness softens everyday problems, puts things into perspective and offers us the chance to focus on the present.

Mindfulness in nature - listening ©Jake Graham

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