Visit Stamford: Places to stay, things to do

If you are looking for a rural getaway but are keen on having lots to do then Stamford is perfect. A charming Georgian town with lovely features including several churches and the beautiful deer park surrounding Burghley House.

Published: July 23rd, 2012 at 3:59 pm

Why go there?
Looking on the horizon, Stamford’s tall towers and spires of churches emerge on the skyline, nestled in central rural England. Stamford has it all as a historical, Georgian town, from a buzzing High Street with all the shops you need, including a lovely bookshop with period features, to a beautiful country park just 5 minutes walk from the town centre – Burghley House, which is home to the Burghley House horse trials every year. The cobbled streets lead down to the main square, ‘Sheep Market’, which consequently leads to a large grassy area lined with picnic tables alongside the River Welland (which continues on it’s way to The Wash). Your ears will be filled with quacks and gaggles from the ducks and the geese, which won’t turn down any crumbs left after a picnic!
A must see is the majestic Burghley House, completed in 1587 by William Cecil. The magnificent park surrounding the house is home to many Fallow deer amid the trees, including the beautiful Lebanon Cedar (Cedrus libani). When you fancy a break, head to the Orangery Café where you can find delicious cakes and refreshments whilst overlooking the house gardens. For those with a passion for horses, the Burghley horse trials take place every summer during an entire weekend.
Stamford will keep you in awe whilst you are there but if you fall short of things to do, there are regular buses to Rutland Water (where you can see Ospreys (Pandion haliaetus) – the first breeding pair in the UK), and there are also regular travel links (bus/train) to the quaint historical towns of Uppingham and Oakham that are nearby.
Where to stay
The George of Stamford offers 4 star accommodation in the centre of the town and there are a number of other hotels and B&Bs.
Where to eat
After feeding picnic leftovers to the ducks and being on your feet all day, why not sit down and enjoy a great hearty pub meal at The Golden Fleece on Sheep Market. It offers something for everyone and you won’t be disappointed! If a pub meal isn’t for you then there are numerous other places to eat, just follow your nose!
Tell us a local secret
Burghley House has been home to the same family (the Cecil’s) for over 400 years!



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