Walkers urged to leave no trace in Britain’s bothies

The Mountain Bothies Association (MBA) is calling on hillwalkers and climbers to take their litter away with them, in a bid to keep the free shelters clean.


Looking after more than 100 shelters in the UK, the MBA, says it sees an increase in visitor numbers to bothies in the summer months, particularly on the more popular long distance trails. The shelters are free to use but the association says it relies on users to remove litter and keep the bothy clean and tidy.


In a statement on its website, the MBA said:

“With summer upon us we are seeing many visitors to bothies, especially on the more popular long distance trails, who perhaps have not used one before and who seem unaware that unlike in some other countries, our mountain bothies are not serviced and have no rubbish collection service.

Bothies rely on you to remove your litter (and that of any inconsiderate others) so please help where you can.

Remember, if there is a fireplace or stove, most litter and un-needed perishable food can be burned (but make sure it’s all gone before you leave!)”.

If you’d like to check out the UK’s network of bothies, please visit: mountainbothies.org.uk


Image: Mountain bothy, Camasunary Bay, Isle of Skye Scotland Credit: Getty