Looking for a bit of inspiration for your next country walk? Perhaps you’re keen to discover the best walking routes in each of our 15 national parks? Or maybe you’re on the hunt for stunning coastal trails, epic mountain climbs, gorgeous river rambles, forest paths or lakeside strolls?

In this section we reveal some of the very best walking routes in the UK, each with its own path description, map and handy links. With more than 500 trails to choose from – each researched, walked and written by a local expert – the chances are you’ll find a walk near you, something to inspire your next adventure in the great outdoors.

The arrival of autumn in the UK is a moment that many of us look forward to, when the trees shift from green to a kaleidoscopic blend of oranges, yellows and golds. It’s during this colour bonanza that some of our favourite creatures come into their own; deer begin to rut, squirrels forage and fungi emerge through the forest floor in an incredible array of shapes, colours and sizes. It’s a wonderful time to be out in the British countryside, and our selection of walks makes the very most of this.


National park walks

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