Enjoy a leisurely walk through the Peak District National Park, climbing two of its most famous hills.

1. Start

Begin at the Quiet Woman in Earl Sterndale, a 400-year-old pub with hand-painted signs of a decapitated barmaid.

Sunset on Parkhouse Hill and Chrome Hill
Sunset on Parkhouse Hill and Chrome Hill from Hitter Hill in the Peak District National Park ©Getty

2. Around Hitter Hill

Round Hitter Hill to cross the B5053 to Parkhouse. The path winds steeply to the top.

3. Tropical relics

On the ridge, it feels like you are balancing on the serrated back of a dragon. Below, the bumps of hills and river valleys ripple out to the horizon. It’s hard to imagine this rain-softened English landscape once lay under a tropical sea; the grassy hills of Parkhouse and Chrome, the remains of an atoll.

Parkhouse hill, Peak District
Mist and low cloud shrouds Parkhouse hill ©Getty

4. Chrome Hill

Cross the second ridge, eventually dropping to the quiet hamlet of Hollinsclough with its old school house and bell tower.

5. Low road

Following the farm track along the base of the hills, now a forbidding wall of rock on my left.



Click on the map below for an interactive version of the route.

Chrome Hill map


Helen Moat
Helen MoatTravel and nature writer

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