Walk: Kinder Scout, Derbyshire

Sandwiched between Manchester and Sheffield in the Peak District National Park, the bleak but beautiful upland plateau of Kinder Scout is a landscape of wind-swept waterfalls and rocky crags, perfect for hikers and scramblers alike

Published: October 21st, 2018 at 4:13 pm
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Once on top of the peak, it’s a matter of striding out for as long as your legs can manage, taking in iconic features such as Kinder Downfall on the way.


Do a full circuit and you’ll have racked up almost 20 miles of walking. The boggy terrain should help build your calf muscles too.

Kinder Scout, Peak District
Kinder Scout, Peak District (©Alamy)

Up and away

Park in the village of Edale and ascend almost immediately via the The Nab ridge, before arriving at the bulk of the hill.


Don’t look down

Walking anti-clockwise will keep the edge to your right. If you feel the route is beyond you (and you have good compass skills), you can cut your trip short, heading back across the plateau at any point.

Kinder Scout in snowfall
Kinder Scout in snowfall ©Getty

Magical falls

Make it this far (10 miles) and you’ll have the rugged waterfall of Kinder Downfall to admire. When strong westerlies blow, the waters are forced upwards back onto the plateau.

Waterfall on Kinder Scout in the Peak District. A windy day with the water blown back upwards. A lone figure in blue clothing stands on the edge of the rocky scene.
Kinder Downfall (©Getty Images) Getty

Head home

At this point, Grindsbrook Clough provides a scramble return, otherwise continue round to The Nab to descend.

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Click on the map before for an interactive version of the route.

Kinder Scout map

Main image ©Alamy


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