If you want the best for your plants or rows of fruit and veg, a generous layer of compost can do just the trick to make them thrive. Of course, it's important to make sure the compost you use comes from a sustainable source, helping you nurture your garden without doing damage to the planet.


When selecting your compost keep an eye out for any mention of peat, a regularly used component which quickly turns into carbon dioxide, directly contributing to greenhouse gas emissions. Fortunately there are now plenty of alternatives you can choose from that have done away with this ingredient.

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In fact, with so much choice available it's worth bearing in mind that different types of compost will make particular plants thrive, or work especially well for different types of ground.

To make life a little easier we’ve included several all-rounders in our list below that can be used in any garden, as well as more specific types that serve a particular function. These include compost that can help if you have a tougher layer of soil you need to deal with, as well as those that will nourish plants that special attention or a higher level of acid to thrive.

Best sustainable compost to buy in 2023

Miracle-Gro All Purpose Compost

Miracle-Gro on white background

This versatile compost from Miracle-Gro is a true all rounder, ideal for everything from hanging baskets and beds, to windowsill pots. With a peat free promise it should make healthy plants even stronger, working especially well to cultivate your favourite fruit and veg.

It gets the job done by using a special patented fibre smart technology. This basically works by making sure there's the right balance of air and water need to grow strong and healthy roots.

Using a smart release system this compost works to slowly expel the correct amount of nutrients over the course of a three month period to give your plants everything they need.

Wickes Multi-Purpose Compost

Wickes Peat Free Multi-Purpose Compost on white background

Another all-rounder that is especially suited to smaller areas like potted plants or hanging baskets, this peat-free compost from Wickes uses moisture retention to make sure the roots have the best chance of growing strong and healthy.

Free from any green waste, this compost should deliver an improved supply of air and nutrients to your greenery.

Organic Garden Compost

Organic Garden Compost Bulk Bag

If you're looking for a large quantity of compost, Quality Garden Supplies can help you out with their jumbo bag which contains an impressive 1200 litres.

Once you dig the compost into your soil it should improve the overall structure, giving your plants the best chance of healthy growth and germination.

This peat free compost can also be used for mulching, a practice which involves placing an additional layer of loose plant material on the top of your soil to help tackle weeds and retain moisture.

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Melcourt SylaGrow Multipurpose Compost

Melcourt SylvaGrow Multipurpose Compost on white background

Proudly peat-free with no green waste in the mixture, this multi-purpose compost from SylvaGrow has plenty of everyday garden uses.

Containing sustainably sourced wood fibre, coir and fine bark, it should last up to the first six weeks of growth, helping cultivate seeds and cuttings.

Produced by Melcourt this is the only compost officially endorsed by the RHS, and holds a Royal Warrant which is a mark of recognition given by the Royal family for goods they have officially used themselves.

More like this

Carbon Gold GroChar® All Purpose Compost

Carbon Gold GroChar® All Purpose Compost on white background

Made from a mix of coir fibre and vegetable-based nutrients, this compost has been designed to help grow healthy roots and encourage nutrient uptake.

Available in packs of 20 litres or 60 litres, this compost is 100% peat-free and can be used for potting and planting outdoors, with ingredients that include wormcasts and seaweed to help tackle disease, strengthen root growth and make plants more robust.

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Dalefoot Wool Compost

Dalefoot fine wool seed compost peat free on white background

Promising a soft texture without relying on peat, this sustainable wool compost from Dalefoot has been specifically made for planting seeds, seedlings and cuttings.

Whether you're hoping to grow a new row of flowers or cultivate a new patch of fruit and veg, this 12 litre bag sourced from the sheep of the Lake District National Park has an official stamp of approval from the Soil Association.

It’s also ideal for using in hanging baskets or pots thanks to its high level of water retention, keeping the roots hydrated and healthy.

The Real Soil Company SuperSoil

Peat Free Top Soil Compost on white background

This topsoil from The Real Soil Company is peat free and has a high organic content, made from 100% natural plant matter. Whether you have a large garden you'd like to take care of, or just a handful of potted plants this compost can cultivate any size area both indoors or outdoors.

It's particularly effective at managing water in a sophisticated way, retaining and releasing moisture using a controlled method for the benefit of the roots and plant.

New Horizon Vegetable Growing Compost

New Horizon Vegetable Growing Compost 50L on white background

This compost has been made both with and for vegetables, with a peat free formula that should help your garden thrive. It will work especially well when added to a raised bed, working to immediately nourish the area.

Formulated with a mix of biofibre and coir, it should feed plants for up to six weeks to give them the head start they need for a healthy and robust growth.

YouGarden Mushroom Compost

YouGarden Mushroom Compost

Perfect for dealing with difficult, hard or heavy clay soil, this mushroom compost works by improving the condition of the top soil for easier access.

It should also boost the fertility of your garden soil, making it the right environment for sustained growth, leaving plenty of nutrients for plants to thrive on.

Made from a mixture of wheat straw as well as horse and poultry manure, this peat free option is a heavy duty compost available in XXL large bags of 60 litres for a plentiful spread.

Miracle-Gro Ericaceous Compost

Ericaceous compost on white background

This speciality compost has been made to support the growth of ericaceous plants which include kalmia, rhododendrons and camellias which need more acid and a higher pH level to thrive. It also contains an extra fortification of iron which should ensure the leaves come out rich and green when they're supposed to instead of yellowing at the edges.


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