C is for Collecting: mindfulness in nature

Collecting and gathering items from nature can transform an everyday walk into an opportunity to improve your physical and mental wellbeing

Seaglass on beach
Published: August 4th, 2020 at 10:00 am
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How can collecting objects in nature improve your physical and mental health?

Sometimes a simple, absorbing activity can transform your mental state to a pinpoint of calm.


Setting yourself a gentle collecting mission on each walk can help you focus on the outside world, taking your attention away from any inner anxieties and ‘things to do’ lists.

C is for Collecting ©Lynn Hatzius

Collecting objects can also help you pay more attention to the world around you, see things in greater detail and even spot more wildlife.

Stack of river stones

What you collect is up to you but it may help if you are able to use your finds in crafts or decorations. For example, slowly wandering a beach picking up tiny treasures in the form of seaglass is hugely satisfying – and these wave-worn gems can be worked into delightful pendants and mosaics.


If you're inspired to start a collection of seaglass, read our interview with jeweller Gavin Hardy, or visit our sister magazine In The Moment to learn about creating leaf art from leaves you collect.

For more ideas about how to be present in nature, here's our A to Z of mindfulness.


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