Christmas crafts: How to make a Christmas table decoration

Find out how to create a natural Christmas table centrepiece for the festive season, making the most of all that nature has to offer in winter

natural Christmas table decoration

Instead of shop-bought Christmas decorations, embrace the winter season by heading outside to forage for natural Christmas decorations. Surround yourself with all that nature has to offer by taking the time to really see the colours, the textures, the beauty – all the gifts that nature gives us, even through the coldest months of the year.

Bringing these indoors you can create a beautiful Christmas table centrepiece with these foraged decorations and enjoy a festive feast with your nearest and dearest, while enjoying nature at the same time.

How to make a natural Christmas table decoration


You Will Need

  • A metal trough
  • Watertight containers
  • Ivy vines, winter berries, hellebores

Step 1

Container for Christmas table decoration
Gather trough and containers

Place the containers inside a metal trough and fill the jars with water.

Step 2

Arranging ivy for Christmas table centrepiece
Arrange the ivy

Position the ivy vine along the length of the trough, allowing it to dip into the jars. Place the berries and hellebores throughout, ensuring the stems are in water.

Step 3

arranging hellebores for Christmas table decoration
Arrange the hellebores

Space the items evenly along both sides of the arrangement, varying the height of the hellebores. By placing the stem of your hellebore straight into the container, it will look as though it is growing up and out of your centrepiece, as if you have simply moved it from garden to table.

Step 4

natural Christmas table decoration
Dress the table

Dress your table with candles and, if you have hellebores spare, place one or two of the flower heads with each napkin as a gift from nature to your guests.


All photos ©Jessica Reeve