Christmas crafts: How to make a reindeer stencil card


This simple but effective design works well on different coloured cards. As an added extra touch, you could decorate coloured envelopes with the snow pattern too.


You will need:

Stencil template printed on A4 card

A6 cards with envelopes


A scalpel and cutting mat

A metal ruler

Punch pliers (leather hole puncher)

Acrylic paint – blue and white

A sponge and dish

Tracing paper

A pencil

A white pen (plus dark blue pen if you are doing the design on a lighter background)

1. Print the stencil template on A4 card and cut it out. You will find the cutting instructions on the template.

2. Position the reindeer stencil on your card and hold down firmly. Apply the blue paint over the stencil using the sponge.

3. Cut and hole punch the snow stencil. If you don’t have any punch pliers, you can draw in the snow dots using the white pen.

4. When reindeer print is dry, position the snow stencil on your card and apply white paint in the same way with a clean sponge. Then leave it to dry.

5. Use the pencil and tracing paper to copy the lettering. Retrace it on the reverse then place it on the card face down to retrace the letters for a third time to transfer them to your card.

6. Use the white or blue pen to draw over the letters. Draw in the reindeers’ antlers and eyes to finish.


Words by Jenny Price