For arts and crafts mums: make a driftwood sailboat

If your mum loves walking by the sea, why not start your adventures in driftwood craft with this relatively simple but effective looking sailboat. A cute and interesting addition to any bathroom!

Sailboat model on wooden table.

What you’ll need


Calico or cream fabric

Patterned fabric

Bamboo stick

Small piece of driftwood

Glue gun

Sewing needles

Thread in similar colour to your patterned fabric

White cotton



What to do

1. Make a hole in the middle of your driftwood using the needle. Put a small amount of glue in the hole and secure your bamboo stick into place as the mast.

2. Pierce a hole in either end of the driftwood. Cut two small pieces of wire and twist them to make two loops. Glue these into the holes at each end of your piece of driftwood.

3. Cut out your two sails, one in patterned fabric and one in plain. You may want to lay your boat on the fabric to draw the sail shape. Remember to leave a little bit extra by your bamboo stick to glue. Glue along your stick and wrap your first sail around to secure.

4. Lay your boat on your plain fabric to draw another triangular shape. You can use a ruler to help keep it nice and straight. You may wish to draw and then stitch a nautical shape on your plain sail. 

5. Glue along the right hand edge of your plain sail then secure to the back of your bamboo stick on top of your patterned fabric

6. Stitch the corners of your sails onto your wire loops.


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