Gallery: land and sea art by Garry Pereira

Norfolk-based artist Garry Pereira is inspired by the British countryside – discover his evocative landscape paintings of crashing waves, forest pathways and lonesome trees this autumn

Published: September 18th, 2017 at 11:43 am
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Norfolk-based painter Garry Pereira has lived, studied and worked in Norwich for almost twenty years. Reflected in his beautiful oil paintings of the British countryside – and particularly crashing waves – Pereira's adoration for the Norfolk and Suffolk landscape is clear.


"I am fascinated with waves, the structure of a wave, and it becomes hypnotic, I suppose," says Pereira, who spends hours at a time watching and sketching North Sea waves crashing against the coastline.

This autumn, from 17 October to 2 November, Pereira will be showcasing a selection of new works in his 'Stand and Stare' exhibition at the Osborne Studio Gallery in Belgravia, London.

The Day Tripper ©Garry Pereira

The artist, who makes his own oil paints using traditional methods picked up on a course in Rome, works on and stores much of his artwork in his 18th-century almshouse, warmed by a wood burning stove.

On the Fly ©Garry Pereira
Blackbird has spoken ©Garry Pereira

"I will be making the work up until the deadline, but there will be large meadow paintings of Norfolk, large woodland paintings of Norfolk, Scotland and Wales, a series of big waves made on location incorporating sea water and gold leaf, large oak tree paintings, the dunes of Norfolk, trees in blossom and waterfalls, as well as a serious of around fifty small studies that are instant responses to the landscape."

High Days by Garry Pereira
Dreamscape ©Garry Pereira
Imagine, Imagine by Garry Pereira
For the Darning of Father McKenzie ©Garry Pereira
Under Magic Whirling Skies ©Garry Pereira
Dreamscape ©Garry Pereira
Forecast by Garry Pereira
Stand and Stare by Garry Pereira
I Make the Shapes Forecast by Garry Pereira
Will you be Sending me a Valentine ©Garry Pereira
Garry Pereira's 'Stand and Stare' Exhibition

When: 17 October to 2 November

Where: Osborne Studio Gallery in Belgravia, London

Admission: Free




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