How to create a sea glass fish

Make something beautiful out of beach waste to create this easy seaglass fish artwork.

Finished seaglass fish

Colourful sand-blasted fragments of sea glass are abundant on our shores. Collect a pile on your summer beach visits and use them to create a dazzling underwater scene.


You Will Need

  • Pieces of sea glass
  • One piece of stiff card
  • strong glue
  • Wooden frame

Step 1

Foraging for seaglass on the beach becomes an absorbing treasure hunt – but unless you are on a particularly productive beach (beaches near old bottle makers are the best!), it takes time. Once you have a good haul, separate them into separate colours.


Drawing of seaglass
Pieces of seaglass

Step 2

Use a piece of stiff card for your background – white or pale shades reflect light through the seaglass. Play around with your shapes, positioning larger pieces of glass for the head, tail and fins, and smaller pieces to create a scaling effect.

Fish made of seaglass
Positioning of seaglass

Step 3

Once you’re happy with the composition of your fish (a range of sizes works well) glue your glass to the card. A good-quality clear glue will provide enough adhesion. Be patient and, if you get frustrated, take a breather. This is a slow but rewarding process.


Fish constructed of seaglass
Seaglass fish

Step 4

Keep aside some brown and green glass to create fronds of waterweed or seaweed rising up from the bottom of the composition. You might want to add a pebble sea floor or other elements, but don’t overcrowd the picture. Frame it and hang on a brightly lit wall.


Finished seaglass fish
Finished seaglass fish