How to make a flower press

Back in our April 2015 issue we featured this handy guide to making your own flower press. It's perfect for flower-lovers who want to preserve their hard work in the garden for that little bit longer.



What to do


1. Cut two pieces of stout but thin ply wood 20x30cm. Drill holes large enough for bolts in the four corners. Stack both pieces when you do this so that the holes are aligned.

2. Slide bolts through the holes in the bottom piece of plywood.

3. When you are ready to press flowers, place a layer of cardboard and a layer of blotting paper on the bottom of the press. Now add flowers, leaving enough space around them to dry properly. Cover with a layer of blotting paper, then card. You can add many layers of flowers, blotting paper and card in one go.

4. When finished, carefully fit the top piece of the press over the bolts and use wingnuts to tighten it. Store in a dry place in the house. Leave for some time – up to four weeks is recommended.


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Illustration © Alan Batley


Wildflower image ©