How to make a mini egg box garden

Grow a mini vegetable or flower garden from an egg box that can be placed on your child’s bedroom windowsill for them to watch grow day by day.

Seedlings growing in an egg box

A mini egg box garden is a great way to get children engaged in nature and gardening, watching the magic of new shoots sprouting right on their bedroom windowsill, while also helping them learn that waste can be repurposed into something useful.


You Will Need

  • an old egg box
  • seedling compost
  • a garden tray
  • seeds of your choice — we recommend micogreens, tomatoes, or wildflowers.

Step 1

Discuss with your child what they’d like to grow. Would they be more excited by pretty wildflowers that they could plant out to attract bees and butterflies (such as daisies, poppies, or corn chamomile)? Or would they enjoy growing their own salad that they could pick to put on a sandwich?

Make sure it’s the right time of year to sow your seeds. Tomatoes can be sown indoors during March and April, while microgreens can be planted the year round and are great to pop into a sandwich or add to a salad.

Our friends at Gardeners’ World have advice on what to plant each month. 

Step 2

Fill an egg box with seedling compost. Sow your seeds in the box as per the instructions on the seed pack.

Step 3

Place your egg box garden into a shallow plant tray to stop the water from seeping out through the cardboard.

Step 4

Water the seedlings, and place on the windowsill that receives the most sunlight.

Step 5

Wait for seedlings to emerge! It’s fun for children to check on them every day to see if there has been any progress. Once they are big enough, wildflowers will need to be potted up along with tomatoes, before they are moved to their outdoor home, while microgreens can remain in the egg box garden to be picked and eaten when ready.