Leaf-print festive card

Make your own handmade Christmas with this easy step by step festive leaf-print card guide.

Fern leaf and card, Getty

This simple printing technique produces great results and requires very little equipment (all of which can be bought from any high-street craft shop). The fern used here makes a good Christmas tree but feel free to experiment with different leaves.


You Will Need

  •   Acrylic or block printing ink (gold)
  •    A6 cards with envelopes
  •    20mm flat paintbrush
  •    A leaf
  •    Scrap paper
  •    Kitchen roll
  • A gold pen

Step 1

Lay your leaf on a piece of scrap paper and carefully paint the ink over one side.

Step 2

Place the leaf ink-side down onto your card. Lay a piece of scrap paper or kitchen roll over the leaf and apply even pressure all over.

Step 3

Carefully remove the paper and peel the leaf off to expose the print. It’s worth testing this on some scrap paper before you start on your cards to gauge how much ink and pressure works best.

Step 4

When your card is dry, you can draw the star on using the gold pen.