Make an Easter garden

Collect natural materials from your garden to create a beautiful Easter garden tabletop decoration.

Easter tabletop garden decoration

You Will Need

  • A large bowl
  • potting soil
  • Decorative natural materials
  • moss or grass
  • Tiny potted daffodil plant or similar

Step 1

Begin your Easter Garden by finding a shallow bowl or tray for its base. Alternatively, if you are making a smaller, more delicate garden, use a clamshell. Fill your base with a little soil, making a mound on one side for a hill.


Step 2

In your own garden, collect moss, twigs, and flowers. Making the garden as natural as possible is key, so the more the better! Once collected, cover the soil in moss, and place the flowers on it.

Step 3

As a celebration of spring, place any fallen bird eggshells you can find in your garden on the garden, along with Easter chicks, bird feathers and chocolate eggs.