Make an Easter tree

Decorate colourful painted eggs to hang from the branches of an 'Easter tree' to add seasonal cheer to your kitchen table.

Colourful Easter tree in garden

Making this Easter tree decoration is simple, and is a fun family activity that children of all ages will enjoy.


You Will Need

  • Branch or branches
  • Blown eggs (as many as you like)
  • Ribbon or string
  • Paint to decorate
  • Jug or vase

Step 1

Take your branch to form the centrepiece for the Easter Tree – if possible,  try to find a branch with several stems branching out from it or gather a couple of smaller branches together. Place in a sturdy jug.



Step 2

Next blow the eggs. Taking a needle, pierce both ends of each egg, and once a small hole is made, blow at one end over a bowl. When all the liquid has come out of the shell, carefully wash and dry the eggs ready to decorate.

The insides of the egg can be reused in baking.

Blowing an eggshell
Carefully blow the insides of the egg/Credit: Getty

Step 3

Use paint, a paintbrush and a sponge decorate your eggs. To create a background, sponge your chosen colour over the egg – light blues, greens, yellows and oranges are bright spring colours. Flowers, spots and stripes all make pretty patterns. Alternatively, why not create an Easter scene? Children will enjoy painting the Easter bunny or spring chicks on their eggs

Step 4

Once the paint has dried, secure the ribbon or string to each eggs either by tying a knot or threading a button at the bottom to secure it. Make a bow and hang the eggs on your Easter tree.