How to make leaf-pressed coasters

Capture the beauty of leaves in clay and display them in a pretty and practical way around your home, giving your coffee table a natural uplift

Make leaf-pressed coasters

No matter what time of year, these leaf-pressed coasters are a great way to connect with nature.


You Will Need

  • a selection of leaves; try to collect a variety of sizes and shapes
  • air-drying clay, such as Das Modelling Clay
  • scrap paper
  • tweezers
  • air-dry glaze (optional)
  • a brush (only if using glaze)

Step 1

Make leaf-pressed coasters
Collect the leaves ©Enya Todd

Collect a varied selection of leaves, from small to large, singular to grouped and smooth-edged to serrated. Make sure your chosen leaves are damage-free and leave them on a clean surface to dry out overnight, and to allow any insects to crawl away.

Step 2

Make leaf-pressed coasters
Roll the clay ©Enya Todd

Roll a 5cm-in-diameter ball of clay between your hands until the surface is a smooth sphere. Working on a clean sheet of paper (to protect any surfaces), press down on the ball of clay using a plate until the clay is about 1cm thick. Carefully remove the plate from the clay.

Step 3

Make leaf-pressed coasters
Press the leaves ©Enya Todd

For your first coaster, using your fingers, press one large leaf approximately 1mm down into the clay, slightly off-centre for a unique look. Use a pair of tweezers to gently press the edges of the leaf into the clay and then to carefully remove the leaf.

Step 4

Make leaf-pressed coasters
Marvel at your artwork ©Enya Todd

How many coasters you create is up to you. Be creative with the placement of your leaves and don’t be afraid to overlap them. Once you’ve pressed your coasters, leave them out to dry overnight. Paint the coasters with glaze using a brush for a glossy look.