Rainbow treasure hunt

Create a colourful rainbow of natural discoveries to display in your front window with this fun but easy activity for children.

girl drawing a rainbow her desk

Go on a rainbow treasure hunt to see what natural discoveries you can find in the garden, local park or even in the home, to display in your front window.


You Will Need

  • Drawing pad
  • Colouring pencils

Step 1

See how many colours you can name from the rainbow – which of these colours are most commonly represented in nature?

Step 2

Pick a colour, for example red, and then step into your garden or look out of your window to search for your first rainbow treasure. How many red flowers, leaves, bugs or berries can you find today? Count them and draw your findings.

Do not pick any plants you are not familiar with as lots of red berries are poisonous.

Step 3

When you have gone through the rainbow, reflect on your discoveries. Do some colours appear more often than others? Does this change throughout the spring season?



Step 4

Next draw your rainbow and then draw your natural findings around your rainbow.

After you’ve finished, why not display your picture in your front window? This handy Newsround article explains why lots of children are displaying rainbow pictures in their window. Next time you take a walk in your local area see how many rainbow pictures you can spot.