Stick snowflakes decorations

Make beautiful stick snowflakes to decorate your tree naturally this Christmas.

Stick decorations

On your next woodland walk, collect twigs and sticks to make your own plastic-free decorations. These wonderfully rustic snowflakes are simple to make but look beautiful hung on the Christmas tree or around the house.

Words and pictures: Becki Clark


You Will Need

  • Twigs and sticks, as straight as possible
  • Scissors or secateurs
  • Jute twine
  • Hot-gun glue

Step 1

Remove any leaves or mini branches from your twigs so they’re smooth. Cut two twigs to the same length. Place one twig on top of the other to make an X shape. Using a hot-glue gun, secure them together.

Step 2

Cut two more twigs to the same length as your first two twigs. Place them in an X shape, then, using the glue gun, attach them to the centre of your first two twigs to make a snowflake shape.

Step 3

Cut smaller twigs into eight one-centimetre-long pieces. Using the glue gun, attach two to the end of each diagonally opposite twig to create the snowflake detail. Leave the glue to dry completely, then tie a loop of jute twine to one of the central twigs, and your decoration is ready to hang.