Christmas Crafts: How to make teacup candles

Follow this easy step-by-step guide to create the perfect teacup candle, which makes a lovely Christmas gift. Make it as festive as you like, with seasonal scents and decorations.

Homemade Christmas teacup candles

These vintage china teacup candles throw out such a warm, soft light and what’s more, they are so simple to make.

Dig out old chipped china cups from the back of the cupboard, or find them for pennies at charity shops or car boot sales.

Don’t worry about matching them either, as the mixed-up style lends a certain charm. Wick and wick holders can be bought cheaply from craft shops or online. For scent and detail, natural perfumes such as lemon and lavender work best.

Here we’ve used rose petals, but you could go for a more festive feel with cinnamon and spicy orange aromas.


You Will Need

  • Old saucepan, it will get covered in wax, so avoid using your best copper-bottomed pan!
  • Old tea cup and saucer, have a rummage in charity shops
  • Wooden or metal skewer, £1.50 for 10m, The Wax Factory on Amazon
  • Wick, £1.99 for 20 from craftandmore
  • Wick holder, 1kg for £5.80, The Wax Factory on Amazon
  • Paraffin wax

Step 1

Cut a strip of wick twice as long as the length of your candle. Tie a small knot in one end and pull tightly through the wick holder to secure it.


Step 2

Wrap the unknotted end of the string around a wooden or metal skewer.



Step 3

Place the skewer across your teacup, checking the wick holder is just dangling over the bottom of the cup.



Step 4

With your teacup, scoop a heaped cup and a half of paraffin wax into the saucepan on a low to medium heat, using a wooden skewer to break up any lumps.


Step 5

Once melted, remove the pan from the heat and carefully pour the mixture into your cup, ensuring the wick and holder are centralised.



Step 6

Add your chosen scent and petals, if using. For lemon, use lemon essence; if you are sprinkling in rose petals, add just a pinch or two and use the skewer to poke them down into the wax.


Step 7

Allow to set overnight. Keep the mixture out of the way of draughts as it cools to ensure an even set.


There will be a little bit of shrinkage as the wax dries, so you may need to top it up. Attach a card label to the candle, and voila!

SAFETY TIP Avoid placing lit candle teacups on painted or varnished surfaces as they can get hot. As with any flammable item, exercise caution and never leave a candle unattended.

All images: Steve Sayers