D is for Drawing: mindfulness in nature

Take some paper and a pen on your next trip into the countryside and sketch what you see - this simple act will encourage you to be more mindful.

A women writing in her journal

How can drawing improve your physical and mental health?

Humans have been drawing for thousands of years. From the early prehistoric cave paintings of our Neanderthal ancestors to the modern artists of today, it’s a calming antidote to everyday life.

D is for Drawing ©Lynn Hatzius

Drawing can be as simple or complicated as you like, but all it really requires is a piece of paper and a pencil. Find a quiet moment in your day to focus on sketching a landscape or object, relaxing your breathing as you draw.

Seaglass on beach

It doesn’t need to be perfect or take a long time – more importantly, drawing is a mindful way to reduce stress and be present.

artist girl painting sitting on the rocks at the cliff, notepad. Wonderful autumnal view
Pick a rock or tree stump, settle down for a few minutes and sketch what you see ©Getty

The countryside has inspired many of Britain’s greatest artists, so pack a notepad next time you go for a walk and draw what you see.