For many, having a stock of varied craft ales in the cupboard is something of a luxury, and we order selection boxes as one-off gifts for friends and family. But more and more drinkers are discovering the joy of beer subscriptions, which drop a carefully curated assortment of bottles and cans at your door on a regular basis.


Often, there’s no extra price to pay for the automatic deliveries, and you can even end up spending less per beer than you would in the supermarket. And thanks to partnerships with international businesses and microbreweries, you may enjoy drinks you’d never find in your local store.

Our favourite beer subscriptions in the UK today

Beer52 Beer Club

Beer52 beer subscription box with umbrella imagery

Let’s start with the UK’s most popular craft beer club, Beer52. Behind the scenes, the brand’s expert tasters travel the globe to find the next great beer for their delivery boxes. And they always include a handy information guide telling you all about it.

This beer subscription is one of the best options out there if you’re keen on sampling new and exciting tipples, as your box will include eight different cans each month. But if you don’t like dark beers, you can ask the packers to include lighter ones instead.

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Plus, Beer52 throws in its magazine and some delicious snacks.

When the three-month membership period ends, you can cancel or continue at £24 per month with free postage and packaging.

BrewDog Beer Subscription

BrewDog - Craft Beer Gift Pack - 6 x 330ml Can and 1 Schooner Glass - Variety Pack

The Scotland-based brewery company BrewDog has launched its own beer subscription service, which you can join on Amazon. Each delivery box contains six 330ml cans, including the UK’s best-selling craft beer, Punk IPA.

You can either order the variety pack as a one-off or select a delivery frequency between two weeks and six months. Then, you’ll be able to keep your cupboard stocked up with high-quality BrewDog cans.

As an added bonus, this pack is carbon negative, as BrewDog offsets 1.87kg of CO2 with every delivery.

Abel & Cole Organic British Beer Subscription

Abel & Cole British Beer Subscription, Organic (12 beers)

If you like to look out for organic produce, this beer subscription is one to consider. Thanks to Abel & Cole, you can get your hands on a selection of hearty organic brews from right here in the UK. The company cares about its environmental impact, so it offers sustainable deliveries and aims to minimise how far its drinks travel.

You’ll get 12 beers per pack, with three fixed brews and nine fresh choices.

Buy a one-off box or set up a repeating delivery and choose a frequency between one and eight weeks.

Beerwulf Beer Subscription

Beerwulf Beer Subscription, kegs and beer tap on white background

Beerwulf is a brewery based in Amsterdam and does things a little differently with its beer subscription. Instead of bottles or cans, you buy SUB kegs, which hold two litres of beer each - roughly four 50cl pints. You can order up to eight kegs per month of Heineken, Birra Moretti or Amstel, or choose a mix.

If you need the beer tap, you can add Beerwulf’s SUB to your first order for £89. Then, just decide whether to receive your beer boxes monthly or bi-monthly - and change your preferences at any point.

Beer Hawk beer subscription

Beer Hawk beer subscription pack on a white background

Beer Hawk keeps things simple with its easily manageable subscription service. Once you’ve set up your account, you’ll get eight beers every eight weeks for £24 - that’s £3 per beer.

Each week, Beer Hawk spotlights one particular beer from your selection and sends you an email about it. You can also join in with the live tasting sessions on Thursdays at 9pm.

The company even offers several gift subscription packages, ranging from two months in length for £24 up to a whole year for £150.

Flavourly Beer Club

Flavourly Beer Club

One of the largest beer subscription boxes out there is Flavourly’s regular delivery pack. It includes 30 craft beers plus a snack and magazine, and you can choose whether to receive it monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly. This brand offers great value for money, as you’ll get the entire package and free delivery for £44.90, which works out as under £1.50 per beer.

Flavourly prides itself on providing beers you wouldn’t usually find on supermarket shelves, working with microbreweries to offer some of the rarer varieties across the UK.

Pinter Fresh Beer Club

Pinter Fresh Beer Club pack with brewing machine

Here’s something a little bit different. If you’ve always dreamed of brewing your own beer, or it’s already your hobby, this could be the subscription package for you.

Every month, you can choose up to four different types of beer or cider, which will arrive through your letterbox in slimline bottles. Each one brews 10 pints and you can easily adjust your delivery preferences at any time through the Pinter app. The subscription costs between £15 and £54 per month, depending on the amount you order.

By adding water and your ‘Fresh Press’ bottles to your Pinter device, you can brew your own flavoursome beer in just a few days. Stick with Pinter and you’ll get special gifts over the months, including an engraved brewing tap handle and a branded glass.

Buying your beer with Pinter is an eco-friendly approach to drinking, as the company ships its ‘Fresh Presses’ without water, eliminating 75% of its potential transportation weight and reducing CO2 emissions. Plus, one Pinter pack provides enough beer to fill 17 bottles or cans, so you can save 408 from ending up in your household waste every year.

Best of British Beer Six Month Craft Beer Subscription

Best of British Beer Six Month Craft Beer Subscription Pack on a white background

For a fantastic selection of craft beers without any fuss, try this three- or six-month subscription package from Best of British Beer. You can decide whether to go for pale or dark beers, or a mix of the two, and you’ll get six 500ml bottles in the post every month.


Each pack comes with tasting notes and a pub quiz, so you can invite around your friends to recreate the experience of drinking at your local.


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