Christmas baking: easy festive party bakes

These easy and delicious nibbles are perfect serve with traditional mulled drinks this Christmas

Easy Christmas baking recipes (Przemyslaw Klos via Getty Images)
Published: November 21st, 2017 at 1:52 pm

Prepare for a stress-free Christmas party with these easy and festive bakes.

Advent fairings

Traditionally baked for the St Ives fair in Cornwall on the Saturday before Advent Sunday, these little pig-shaped biscuits have an endearing history. With the fishing season ended, and the fisherman all feeling flush from their catch and readying themselves for the festivities ahead, the fair was one of the highlights of the year. Cornish fairings were sold by the pig-pie man (no doubt with spare pastry to roll) to young men who bought biscuits for their sweethearts.


This recipe makes about 12.

Advent fairings (Photo by: Jason Ingram)
Bake pig-shaped biscuits and delight your friends this Christmas with an advert fairing (Photo by: Jason Ingram)

Brussels sprouts, blue cheese and chestnut tartlets

Classic Christmas combination of savoury flavours here, use any seasonal vegetables and cheese you have to hand if you prefer, but it must be said that this trio takes some beating.

Makes about 8 tartlets, or one 22cm tart-tin.

Sprout, blue cheese and chestnut Christmas tarts

Brussel sprout, colston bassett and chestnut tartlet - perfect served warm (Photo by: Jason Ingram)

Homemade Cheese Straws

Nothing beats a cheese straw and this recipe is a doddle to prepare. These cheese straws smell outrageously good when they bake, so you won't want to wait to take a bite!

Makes about 12

Christmas baking - cheese straws recipe

The kitchen will smell delicious as your cheese straws bake (Photo by: Jason Ingram)

Spiced Christmas tree biscuits

These tempting treats are designed to hang from the tree like a bauble, but you can also package them up in a box with ribbon - they'll make a thoughtful Christmas gift.


Makes 30-15 biscuits.

Spiced Christmas Tree biscuits (Photo by: Maciej Nicgorski / EyeEm via Getty Images)
Adorn your Christmas tree with homemade treats (Photo by: Maciej Nicgorski via Getty Images)


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