April foraging guide: best foods to find and recipe ideas

Winter is finally over, and spring has arrived with longer days, warmer sunshine and blossoming flowers – our expert guide on what to forage for in April

Wild garlic, also known as ramson or bear's garlic grows in abundance in many German forests in springtime.

Wild garlic

Wild garlic has a distinctive smell and white flowers/Credit: Getty

Also known as Bear leek, wild garlic is an edible plant that emerges in April and can be foraged right through summer. Use it when cooking to add great flavour to your favourite recipes.

Wild garlic / Ramsons (Allium ursinum) and bluebells flowering along forest brook in beech deciduous woodland. (Photo by: Arterra/UIG via Getty Images)


Cow parsley

Close up of cow parsley flower (anthriscus sylvestris).
Cow parsley/Credit: Getty Images

Cow parsley is a member of the carrot family and is often confused Queen Anne’s Lace, although they aren’t the same thing. It’s an excellent herb to give your dishes a bit of a twist.


Garlic mustard

Close up of Jack by the hedge plant
Garlic mustard/Credit: Getty Images

Garlic mustard flowers in April, it’s also known as Jack-by-the-hedge and hedge garlic. Use it in sauces, dressings and soups to add a taste of peppery garlic.