January foraging guide: best foods to find and recipe ideas

Put on your woolly hat, wrap up warm and take a walk through the woodland. Here is our expert guide on what you can forage for in the UK in January

Glossy berries colored from purple to almost black, against light green shading leaves. Selective focus, close-up, outdoors.

Crab Apples

A sure sign of the seasons changing harvest time and the crab apples are abundant this year.
Crab apples/Credit: Getty Images

Forage for Crab Apples in January and use them to make delicious desserts, such as crumbles, tarts and they even make great toffee apples.





Photo Taken In Batroun, Lebanon
Hazelnuts/Credit: Getty Images

Most hazelnuts are at their ripest in autumn, but can still be good during winter, if the squirrels haven’t got there first.



A close-up of a blackberry branch with a different way of maturation
Blackberries/Credit Getty Images

Arguably, blackberries are Britain’s most foraged fruit. It can still be found in abundance throughout winter. Use them in a delicious winter crumble or pie.


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