How to make a garden fairy lantern

Create an enchanting garden fairy jar with foraged mosses and plants – it’s a fun and crafty way to spend an afternoon and will leave you with a magical lantern to light up your night



Create a magical world using materials collected from your garden or local park.


This fun arts and crafts project is perfect for kids, families or anyone with a playful sense of adventure.

You will need
  • glass jar and lid
  • glue
  • glitter
  • cardboard
  • dried moss and plants
  • fairy silhouette
  • flameless LED tea light
1. Glue in jar
Using a brush, paint the inside of the jar with craft glue (PVA works well).
2. Add glitter
Pour the glitter into the jar, cover the top with the lid and shake well. 
3. Create garden
Cut a circle out of the cardboard to fit the base of the jar. Glue moss and dried plants to the card, leaving space in the fairy garden for the candle. 
4. Make your fairy
Draw a fairy silhouette on strong paper or print one from your computer. Cut it out and glue its feet to the edge of the cardboard.
5. Add some light
Drop the fairy garden into the jar and place a flameless LED candle among the foliage. 
6. And voilà!
Create your own fairy jar
Stick moss to the lid and put it on the jar. Your magical fairy world is now complete.

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Main image ©Alan Batley