How to: Make a Pooter

A pooter is a simple bug hunting device that allows you to photograph and identify your quarry without harming it. Making a pooter can be as much fun as catching the bugs themselves. Natalie Johnson of the Wild Network explains how to do it.

Published: May 10th, 2016 at 1:41 pm


What you’ll need

A clear plastic pot with a lid or glass jar with a metal screw-top

Two bendy straws or thin clear plastic tube 

A small corner of muslin or old tights

Plasticine or adhesive tack

1. Make smalll holes in the side of the plastic pot or lid of the glass jar – just big enough to poke two bendy straws through the holes.

2. Add some plasticine or adhesive tack to keep the straws in place and create a seal within the jar or tub.

3. Cut one of the straws a bit shorter – this will be your ‘sucking straw’. Tape a bit of stretched gauze (old clean tights will do) over the end.

4. Find a bug small enough to travel through the longer straw. Suck through the shorter straw, vacuuming the bug into your catcher. 

5. Enjoy studying your bugs and don’t forget to let them out when you’ve finished. 


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