K is for Knitting: mindfulness in nature

A state of mindfulness can be achieved in many different ways – here we look at how knitting can help you be more present

Knitting outdoors and mindfulness

How is knitting good for your wellbeing?

People have been knitting for centuries, and those who knit say they find it easier to stay in the moment, relax and unwind. To achieve a state of calm, stick to an easy pattern.


So why not try knitting outdoors in an attempt to feel more present?

K is for Knitting - mindfulness in nature
K is for Knitting – mindfulness in nature ©©Lynn Hatzius

The repetitive movement of the knit and purl stitches will induce a meditative state, allowing you to lose yourself in the task.

Teenager boy sitting on a wooden pier by forest lake drawing with pastel sticks in an evening light

The concentration required for a more complex project can unlock a sense of flow, as you and your needles become one. You’ll know if your attention is wavering if dropped stitches make an appearance. Our beautiful countryside produces some of the best yarn in the world, too; try bluefaced Leicester, Shetland or Gotland wool. For how-to guides and patterns, see theyarnloop.com.


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